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Home Team Challenge

Single 5 Player Paintball Match

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me          Philippians 4:13

Come play against "Team Revelation" at our home field in a best out of 11 single team 5 player paintball match on our urban assault field!

If you are interested in trying out for our paintball team or becoming a ref please email Mac at info@huntcountypaintball.com

Player Format

Players:           5 Player

Roster Limit:   8 (7 Players- 1 Coach) 

Time Limit:      5 Minute

Objective:        Total Elimination

                         Dual Flag

Games:             Best out of 11

Paintballs:        BYOP- Unlimited

BPS:                  10.5 BPS

Chrono Limit:    5 Shots under 300

Field Type:        Urban Type

Classification:  Division 5 & 4 Only

Cost:                 $100 Per Team &

                          5 Cases of Premium


$100 reffing fee and 5 paintball cases required as entry for prize package. Winning team will take back its original 5 cases and opposing teams 5 cases as the winning prize. Guaranteed 6 games at the minimum on the same field.

Match Dates

Sunday 04/26/2020

Sunday 05/24/2020

Sunday 09/27/2020

Sunday 10/25/2020

Sunday 11/22/2020

Register your Team


Team registrations are not accepted until your payment has been made. You will see a charge on your account from Macster Enterprises, LLC

dba Hunt County Paintball!