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Hunt County Paintball is open for your private paintball adventure needs. We are open for private groups of 8 or more with an online reservation and deposit. We specialize in private paintball groups offering you personalized service to make your special event, safe, exciting and enjoyable. 


Please read the following information prior to making your reservation

  •  We are open for groups of 8 or more only. 8 player minimum charge required.

  •  8 player groups may be combined with other 8 player groups if necessary.

  •  Online reservation and $100 deposit required at least 48 hours in advance

  •  We do not accommodate walk-ons. We are only open for groups of 8 or more.

  •  Price discounts may be available on some weekdays.

  •  Ask about our church group special if you are a church.

  •  We have a covered staging area with picnic tables located next to the air station

  •  Personal coolers, drinks, and food is allowed in the staging area. No alcoholic drinks allowed,

  •  Minimum age requirement is 10 years old to play.

  •  You will play a minimum of 2 games per field for a total of 6-8 games.

  •  We offer Tippman A5 rental markers, full face goggles, 2 pod pouches with pods

  •  Reservations times  based on available slots are 10AM-1PM or 2PM-5PM on Saturdays .

  •  No personal paintballs allowed on our rental markers. Field paintballs only!!!

  •  Voucher or coupon customers are still required to make an online reservation with a $100 deposit and are required to purchase the first 500   paintballs & air for  the listed price. (Read your fine print please). 


All reservations must be done electronically via email through our reservation link, with written confirmation and deposit in order to finalize your reservation and accommodate your group. The deposit is to finalize and reserve your playing date and begin the reservation process. You will see a charge on your statement from Macster Enterprises, LLC so please make a note. There are no refunds once you make a deposit, period!Please understand the moment you make your deposit we begin to incur a cost to accommodate your group. Once you make your online deposit there are no refunds period so please do not inquire. We have a very unique business and your understanding and cooperation are very important to us. So please read the deposit requirements prior to making your deposit or online reservation.

Deposit Policy & Cancellations

Your deposit will be applied to the overall group cost. Your balance will be paid the date of the event. All cancellations or rescheduling must be done by email only. We do not accept cancellations over the phone or by voicemail. In order to avoid losing your deposit, you must submit your cancellation or request for a reservation date change via email within 24 hours of your reservation time and date. Your future reservation date may or may not be available but we will do what we can to accommodate you. Your deposit can be applied as a credit for a future reservation date as long as the date is available and you met our 24-hour deadline via email. Failure to meet our 24-hour deadline via email will forfeit your deposit.


Weather Conditions

Playing in the rain, snow or extremely cold conditions are not ideal playing conditions and could result in a disappointing paintball experience. Regardless, if you are adamant about playing under these conditions and we are not experiencing any extreme conditions (Tornados, lighting, severe ice) we may accommodate you. However, once we start the registration process the day of your event there is no refunds period, so please accept and understand the risk. If you don’t want to take the risk please follow our 24-hour cancellation policy by email in order to avoid losing your deposit.


For reservations of 12 players or more please make sure you verify within 24 hours in advance the actual amount of players that will be attending. Failure to meet at least 80% of your reservation request will lead to additional charges. The minimum group requirement is 8 players or more. If you fail to meet your minimum group requirement you will be charged the player difference. We cannot run an effective business holding equipment for players that do not attend. We may have other interested groups as well. Please have your waivers filled out online in advance to expedite the registration process and arrive on time to stay within your reservation time. Please organize your group and their attendance accordingly. We must check in your entire group together so please schedule everyone accordingly and promptly. Once you have read and understood our deposit policy and would like to make your online reservation, please click the following link below and pay your nonrefundable $100 deposit. You will see a charge on your statement from Macster Enterprises, LLC so please make a note

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to accommodating your private group. 



Prices are per player with tax included and all groups require a minimum of 8 players or more.

Don't forget you must have an online reservation and a paid deposit.

(We can accommodate groups of up to 24 players.)


For law enforcement/Military/EMS/Fire Department, church groups or schools, please email us

for your discount pricing at


Effective Jan 1, 2024 we will no longer be accepting any internet or groupon discount promos. Please contact the promoter for a direct refund. Thank you! 

Ready to make your reservation?

We are currently open most weekends for private groups of 8 or more with online reservation

and paid deposit only.

We are not open for walk-on play.


For additional information, email us at

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