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This is for open play only, not for private groups!

2020 Dates

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07/2020              Too Hot!

08/2020              Too Hot!

09/27/2020         2PM-5PM

10/25/2020         2PM-5PM

11/22/2020         2PM-5PM

12/27/2020         2PM-5PM

2021 Dates

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01/2021              Too Cold!

02/2021              Too Cold!

03/28/2021         2PM-5PM

04/25/2021         2PM-5PM

05/23/2021         2PM-5PM

06/27/2021         2PM-5PM

Open play paintball involves players from all experience levels. All participants will be divided into teams and play in a 2 game field format. Experienced players will be dived evenly. New players always encouraged to participate, however please keep in mind you may be playing with all experience levels.  

Open Play Registration
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