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Paintball Player Information - Please Read!

Age Limit

Minimum playing age is 12 years or older required by our insurance liability carrier and one adult must be present at all times during the reserved playing sessions


Be on time

Arriving on time is important for your group. Your group must be checked in together with all players present at the time of check in. Late arrivals could result in less playing time. All players will be required to attend our equipment safety brief and a new player brief. The entire process including registration could take up to about an hour, so make sure you schedule your arrival time appropriately.



We also encourage all players to bring or wear the following clothing or equipment. It is now mandatory that all players wear some form of head protection. (Ball Cap, Beanie, hoodie, thick head scarf are acceptable forms of protection.)


1.  Pants and long sleeve shirts highly suggested

2.  Belt to carry your pod pouch for extra paintballs.

3.  Baseball cap, beanie or bandanna as head or neck protection.

4.  Some type of non-bulky gloves to protect your knuckles.

5.  Knee pads and elbow pads if players have them.

6.  Cleats or shoes with good traction.

7.  Spare clothes to change into or cleaning rags to clean off old paintball hits.

8.  Do not take your cell phone or car keys on to the playing field. We are not responsible for lost items


We suggest that all players wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself as needed. Paintball hits during game play could result in small bruises or welts that could result in very minor scarring. Protecting any exposed skin would be highly encouraged.


Personal Equipment

Players with their own equipment are welcome. Personal markers must chrono less than 285 fps and meet our BPS rules. Mandatory barrel covers on all markers at all times. We also do not use C02 and use HP air only. We do have HP tanks for rent for only $5 each. We are not authorized to work on customer markers. If your personal marker doesn’t work, we will not be able to repair it for you and you will be encouraged to rent one of our markers for the rental fee. We do not allow personal paintball's in our rental markers.


Food & Drinks

Coolers and food is allowed in the staging area. (NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED.) We usually have bottled water and Gatorade on site for sale. Stay hydrated especially on hot days!



We do not accept checks, travelers checks, or money orders. However, if you are adamant about paying with a credit card, there will be a 5% service fee and you will see a charge from Macster Enterprises, LLC . Paypal us with your credit card to


Staging Area

We have a covered staging area with picnic tables located next to the air station. No personal firearms allowed in the staging or playing area. Only registered players and guests are allowed in the staging area. We have a portable toilet for restroom purposes so please make a note. Secure your vehicles! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS. PLEASE SECURE YOUR VALUABLES!


CO2 Air

For players bringing there own markers. We do not have CO2 air or fill CO2 tanks. However, we do have 47/3000 high-pressure tanks available to rent for $5.00 all day which is much cheaper than CO2 air fills.


3593 Highway 34 North, Greenville, TX 75401



All players and field spectators will be required to fill out a liability waiver electronically. 



Click here to submit your electronic waiver:

For any additional questions or information, please email us at and please check your spam for our reply.

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